The Bullies

February 5, 2012
Hey Guys,
So wanna hear that story?
I'll tell ya anyway.
So @ school on Fri. Well lets go back a sec.
So there is this girl noa. We used 2 b besties. Now she is really mean.
Lets fast forward to what i wuz saying earlier.
So she came into gym class l8. she "Claims" that she got in a "tragic" bike accident last night.
Her friends must b blind or something cuz they actually believed her. of course i knew she wuz lying.
She is the worst FAKE limper that iv EVR seen. She refused to run laps. She refused to do curl ups.
She even made poor emma take off her gym shorts and tye her shoes bcuz"it hurts SO bad! I cant even bend my legs!"
So skip a beat.
I saw her l8r @ recess.
She and her little "posse" came up to me and my friend Sammy on the swingset.
She asked us to get off so she could ''sit down and rest my leg".
of course being as shy as sammy is she just hopped right off not wanting to cause any trouble with the popular 1s.
I still wanted to swing tho so i kept swinging.
So guess what they did HUH?
Can u BELIEVE the NERVE of those girls????????????????????????????????????????

make sure u comment! :)


New Post

February 4, 2012
Hey Ya'll.
I'ts Me, Bridget!
Over the next couple days i will be explaining 1 particular story to u!
tata 4 now!


February 4, 2012
hI welcome Hello this is still sopmonkey more soon for brig tough

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